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Follimin Volumizing Hair Spray

Volumizing Hair Spray 60ml


Strengthens and strengthens hair roots with volume and density
Thickens new hair and strengthens and nourishes.


Blue Copper Peptide AHK-Cu, Olive Leaf Extract Procapil™, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Ivy Extract, Burdock Extract, Nettle Extract, Trichogen™, VEG Complex, B5 Vitamin Panthenol


For men and women to promote strong root growth and enhance volume and density


Spray once a day, morning and evening, on weak hair

Accelerated hair growth after hair transplant treatment for men
Accelerated recovery of postpartum or stress hair loss in women
Increase the thickness of the hair root and make the hair fuller and thicker
For male and female hair care to improve hair volume

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Product description

AHK-Cu, a blue copper peptide, enhances the growth cycle and increases the nutrients of hair roots, effectively promoting hair restoration and hair shaft thickness

Procapil™, a patented olive leaf extract, strengthens hair fibers and reinforces roots, nourishing and stabilizing

Licorice secondary acid, approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare hair care ingredients, to relieve scalp discomfort problems, enhance the health of the scalp environment

Ivy Extract, Burdock Extract and Nettle Extract can reduce sebum secretion and provide a soothing and cooling sensation.

VEG complex (Trichogen), strengthens fibrin, increases hair shaft thickness and prevents hair loss

Main ingredients

  • Blue Copper Peptide AHK-Cu
  • Procapil™
  • Burdock Extract
  • Glycyrrhetinic acid
  • VEG Complex
  • Procapil™ Olive Leaf Extract
  • Ivy Extract
  • Stinging Nettle Extract
  • Trichogen™
  • B5Vita also has the original Panthenol


1.Spray one to two times a day on the hairline, greasy areas and weak roots, and press with fingertips.
2.It is recommended to use Saw Palmetto Herbal Conditioner or Caffeine Stress Relief Conditioner for about 1-2 minutes before using Blue Copper Hair Root Nourishing Spray to strengthen the hair.
3.Scalp care needs to be consistent, at least three months of continuous use, we recommend daily with hair Liming shampoo effect more multiply

※This product is a light blue suspension, rich in a variety of high concentration of plant extracts suspended particles, please shake well before use.
※Do not spray on eyes, nose and mouth. If skin discomfort occurs, please stop using the product.
※There are no contraindications for use during pregnancy and delivery, but consult your physician for advice



The hair itself, like the skin, is also composed of collagen.
Copper Peptide is a copper peptide complex discovered by Dr. Pickart in human blood in 1973, which is an important transmitter of collagen synthesis. Copper Peptide is used in the GHK-Cu structure for wrinkle reduction and the AHK-Cu structure for hair transplantation and hair growth.


When the dermis lacks collagen, the hair metabolism will be stagnant and the hair roots will become sparse and small, making it easy for hair to fall out. After starting to use Blue Copper Peptide, the hair diameter will increase and the endothelial growth factor will be activated, which is thought to be related to accelerating hair growth and increasing hair density.

Journal of Biomaterials Science.2008;19(8):969-988.


Restoration and Nutrition
Gradual progress
multiplies the effectiveness of the treatment.

Phase OneRestoration

Prevent hair loss Grow new hair

We strongly recommend the use of SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution (Genetic factors) or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray (Physiological factors).
Restoration stage: activates dormant hair follicles to prevent hair loss and regenerate new hair.

  1. Use SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution (Genetic factors) or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray (Physiological factors) with massage twice a day and it will stop hair loss within 1-2 months; while the growth of new hair needs to last about 3-4 months to be thicker hair and increased volume.
  2. In about 2-3 months, the new hairs will have a noticeable high volume , then you can enter the second phase of hair treatment./li>

Phase TwoNutrition

Hair root growth Strong and mature

Nutrition Stage: accelerates the maturation of the new hair and restore thick, coarse, permanent hair.

  1. Initial Stage(Active Treatment): use SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray twice a day to prevent hair loss, wait 3 minutes for the product to be absorbed, then spray with VOLUMIZING Hair Spray to make the roots grow thicker and stronger.
  2. Stabilization Phase(Daily Care): use SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray during the day to prevent hair loss, and then spray a VOLUMIZING Hair Spray at night to make the roots grow thicker and stronger.

Follimin Hair Growth System

  • 1.Restoration

    everyday in1-3months

    Find the reason for the hair loss

    Improve scalp health

    Activate hair follicle growth signals

  • 2.Nutrition

    everyday in3-6months

    Prothect new grown hair

    Keep a healthy scalp

    Supplement hair nutrients to make hair strong

  • 3.Nutrition

    once every2-3days in6-9months

    Continue to have the right

    hair care habits

    keep the healthy lifestyle

    Make hair to grow thicker and stronger

**You can judge from the density and thickness of the hair to determine the beginning of the maintenance period and usage.
It usually takes about 5-6 months to revitalize the hair and strengthen the roots, so hair care must be continued with patience. **





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