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Follimin® advocates that “the health and vitality of the hair follicle is the root of beautiful hair”. The original meaning of the brand is “Hair Follicle Vitamin”.

Follimin® focuses on different scalp conditions and hair problems, searching for various precious scientific ingredients and natural plant formulations. Through collaboration with hospitals and academic institutions, and through continuous clinical research, Follimin® has developed effective medical treatments and products for specific hair and scalp problems to help customers get rid of hair problems and restore the health of hair follicles.

The FRΦNTIER® Research and Development Center, with a core group of Taiwanese dermatologists, pharmacists, cosmetic and biochemical experts, combined the spirit of medical technology and plant extract expertise with the cooperation of U.S. research laboratories to introduce advanced raw materials and formulations based on the clinical needs of the Asian population. In 2010, FRΦNTIER introduced the Follimin® medical hair care products.

The Follimin laboratory’s in-depth research on hair problems is manifested in four major aspects:
(1) Hair loss and baldness problems (2) Dandruff problems (3) White hair problems (4) Damaged hair, split ends

The development of all products is based on mild plant extracts as the main ingredients to protect the scalp and maintain the integrity of the hair follicle structure, allowing the hair to experience the true “gentle, plant, and functional" care.

Since 2010, Follimin® has worked closely with international beauty and skin care experts and Taiwanese clinical dermatologists to perfectly combine advanced medical technology with hair care and beauty, and use scientific formulas in hair care products, an unparalleled scalp care brand Born from this.

2009 Shu-Tian Clinic established Dermatology Haircare Center.

2010 Follimin, the Medical Haircare Brand, was born.

2013 Research results of Saw Palmetto for haircare products was pubished on Taiwan Television, TVBS, and China Times.

2017 Innovative concepts of haircare, Follimin Golden Triangle of Haircare, was published on Eastern Broadcasting Co., Ltd(EBC), Chinese Television System Inc.(CTS) and Formosa TV(FTV).

2018 Follimin was reported as Best Medical Hair Care Brand by Apple Daily.

2019 Follimin was voted as Best Scalp Care Brand by netizens and professional specialist in TVBS Queen Beauty Awards.
Yahoo TV show “Yahoo Buy” cooperated with Follimin to make special episode “
The Secret Recipe for Hair Growth That Doctors Don’t Tell”.

2020 Follimin was interviewed by Yahoo News and published article “ Hair Loss Crisis and Special Treatment.”

Regarding hair care, the society is full of specious and eloquent theories, which constantly arouses the anxiety of hair caregivers. Consumers often believe in many strange remedies or do very high-end scalp treatments and hair-lifting treatments, but they still fail to achieve significant results. Three thousand worries have really become a source of worry and stress for many people.

The philosophy of Follimin® is “Beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalp. 』It emphasizes that we must first understand the real problems and needs of the scalp. Starting from each person’s different scalp attributes and hair quality, we can accurately analyze the problems and damages of the scalp. Through the three steps of personal hair growth, “clean, revitalize, and strengthen", help you relieve All the burdens of the scalp maintain the integrity of the hair structure and return the hair to its natural and healthy state.