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Hair loss, dandruff, greasy hair
Or dry and grey…

Do you have scalp and hair problems?
Follimin haircare specialist will keep your hair healthy and thick.

Scalp care

Scalp care issues

Who should use Follimin's products?

A: Follimin's products should benefit most people who want healthier, thicker hair. While the extent of the benefit from using the products will vary depending on individual factors, approximately 50% of the users to date reported noticeable improvement in their hair volume and condition.

Users of other hair loss products have reported serious and permanent side-effects including sterility, low libido and impotence; how can I be sure that Follimin products will not cause such problems?

A:The products which cause sterility and sexual dysfunction do so because they interfere with sex hormones such as testosterone. Follimin's products have active ingredients that do not inhibit sex hormones- they prevent hair loss by a completely different mechanism. Please see the section on Hair Cycle and Hair Loss on this website for further information.

Follimin safe for men and women to use?

A:Yes. Both men and women can benefit from using Follimin's products.

Are Follimin's hair loss treatments suitable for alopecia?

A: Follimin's products are helpful in preventing hair loss, including in some forms of alopecia. However, the effectiveness of Follimin products will be dependent on the type, stage and severity of alopecia. Follimin products may assist patients suffering from alopecia but other treatments may also be necessary to achieve complete regrowth. Patients suffering alopecia should consult their doctor about the course of treatment that is appropriate to their situation.

What about allergies/skin sensitivities?

A:Follimin's products are formulated to be as gentle as possible on the skin. However, as for any new product that you use on your body, you should always be vigilant for unexpected reactions. If you experience any adverse reactions, wash the affected area thoroughly with running water and discontinue use. Do not use if you are suffering from eczema or any other chronic skin condition or have open wounds on your scalp.

Will Follimin's products enhance growth of unwanted facial and body hair?

A:The structure and nature of the facial and fine body hair is different to that of the scalp. It is called vellus hair and Follimin's products do not affect the growth of vellus hair.

How do Follimin's products prevent hair loss?

A:Follimin's products have active ingredients that block the action of a naturally occurring molecule called FGF-5. When FGF-5 is present in hair follicles, the hair cycle is shortened and the hair is shed more frequently. The active ingredients in Follimin's products enter the hair follicle and block FGF-5 from causing this effect.

How long before the hair loss treatment works?

You should notice a difference within 8-12 weeks of regular use.

How much product must I buy to see whether the product works for me?

A single purchase should be sufficient to see improvements in your hair. All of Follimin products have been packaged at volumes sufficient for 2-3 months use; if used regularly according to the product instructions, you should notice a difference within this time.

How do I know it works for me?

The first sign that the products are working will be improved strength and condition of the hair, especially if you are using the shampoo. Secondly, less hair falls out during brushing and washing. Finally, smaller and finer hairs should start growing. After 6 months the hair should be thicker and stronger.