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Follimin Refreshing shampoo

Refreshing shampoo 270ml


Effective anti-bacterial, remove oil pimples, purify scalp, healthy and comfortable


Australian tea tree essential oil, thyme essential oil, lemon extract, HP-100 antimicrobial agent*, Climbazole glyburide*, wild soy lecithin, vitamin B3, amino acid interface activator, and other mild formulations


Oily and acne-prone scalp, scalp odor discomfort


Suitable for use 2-3 times a week, shampoo recommended to stay for 5 minutes to increase the effectiveness

Australian tea tree, thyme essential oil and antibacterial agent HP-100
Triple action, effectively inhibits bad bacteria and purifies the scalp
Creates a clean, healthy scalp that is less likely to produce pus or acne
Improve oil pimples, dandruff and odor

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Product description

Deep cleansing and purification of the scalp, can effectively relieve oil acne, prevent oily odor, scalp discomfort

Australian tea tree, thyme essential oil and HP-100 antibacterial agent, can effectively antibacterial purification scalp, improve the problem of oil acne dandruff

Glyburide Climbazole is a legal anti-dandruff and anti-itch agent that enhances anti-dandruff and anti-itch and inhibits dandruff bacteria

Gentle cleansing effect, after washing hair fresh and clean, not dry, not greasy, long-lasting oil control does not rebound

No synthetic silicone, synthetic surfactants, chemical preservatives, or silicone

*HP-100 and Climbazole are legal antimicrobial ingredients and can be used to claim the antimicrobial and anti-itch effect of shampoo

Main ingredients

  • Australian Tea Tree Extract
  • Lemon Extraction
  • Climbazole glyburide*
  • Vitamin B3
  • Thyme essential oil
  • HP-100 antimicrobial agent*
  • Wild soy lecithin
  • Amino acid interface activator and other mild formulations


1.Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and rinse with water after a superficial rinse, then rub the second amount into the ends of your hair to lather and gently press the scalp
2.Can be used 2-3 times a week, alternating with tea tree antibacterial shampoo to avoid dulling effect due to physiological inertia
3.For those who need hair nourishment, it is recommended to use the Blue Copper Hair Root Nourishing Spray after shampooing for better results



Australian tea tree is a precious plant essential oil obtained by steam distillation of delicate tea tree branches and leaves of the Melaleuca family
Terpinedl is the main antibacterial component of tea tree essential oil, and the concentration of essential oil above 1% has superior bactericidal ability


European and American scholars use tea tree essential oil as a natural disinfectant, often used for scrapes, insect bites, acne, gingivitis, skin mold infections, vaginal tract infections, tonsillitis
The use of tea tree oil on the scalp, face and neck, chest and back and other areas prone to bacterial growth and oily areas, can effectively antibacterial purification of the skin, improve the problem of oil acne dandruff

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