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Follimin Reblacking Hair Spray

Reblacking Hair Spray 60ml


Reverses the age of hair by revitalizing it
Maintains dark and dense hair
Enhances the health and vitality of hair roots


TricoverseTM Black Glaze Hair Transformation Serum (patented complex ratio): black hair peptides, European larch, swertia extract, gutter antler seaweed, palm kelp, saw palmetto, glycyrrhizic acid, ginger tincture, acetyl tyrosine, green tea, lemon extract


Suitable for men and women, those who want to revive young scalp, gray hair group


Spray once a day, morning and evening, on weak hair

Inject black energy, white reverse black instant age reduction
Revitalize the original black, black to expel gray
Bring back the youthful vitality to the gray hair accumulated by long-term stress and work schedule

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Product description

Patented Tricoverse™ Black Glaze Hair Transformation Serum contains black hair peptides and acetyl tyrosine to enhance and maintain hair pigmentation

Multi-botanical extracts for healthy hair roots and scalp

Swertia, saw palmetto and ginger extracts revitalize the scalp and strengthen the hair roots for fuller, thicker hair

Licorice secondary acid, green tea, larch and lemon extracts soothe scalp discomfort, provide a calming and soothing effect, and regulate scalp health

Ditch antler seaweed, palm kelp, has deep moisturizing scalp, the effect of hair care

Main ingredients

  • Tricoverse™ Black Glaze Hair Renewal Serum
  • Black Hair Peptide
  • Swertia pinnatifida extract
  • Kelp with palm
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Acetyl tyrosine
  • Lemon extract
  • Proprietary Compound Ratio Formulation
  • European Larch
  • Ditching Antler Sea Vegetables
  • Glycyrrhetinic acid
  • Ginger Tincture
  • Green Tea


1.Two to three times a day, spray the lotion evenly on the scalp and vulnerable gray areas of the hair roots before bedtime, after shampooing, massage gently until absorbed by the scalp, and then blow dry the hair
2.Can be used with Blue Copper Root Nourishing Spray to strengthen roots and enhance hair health
3.Scalp care needs to be consistent, at least three months of continuous use, we recommend daily with hair Liming shampoo effect more multiply

※This product is a light black-purple liquid suspension, rich in a variety of highly concentrated plant extracts suspended particles, please shake well before use
※Do not spray on eyes, nose and mouth. If skin discomfort occurs, please stop using the product
※There are no contraindications for use during pregnancy and delivery, but consult your physician for advice


Swertia roxburghii is also known as Japanese pawn medicine, can activate hair roots, enhance nutrition and energy circulation, pawn medicine in the separation of pawn medicine bitter glucoside, through the skin surface is easy to absorb, after absorption, decomposition, the generation of Erythrocentaurin can expand the skin pores, and activate or promote the enzyme system of the skin, improve the skin tissue live Lo function; Japanese swertia roxburghii in Japan is used as one of the folk medicine raw medicine, also because swertia roxburghii brings significant results, has been used many times in the health care of hair have good results.

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GREYVERSE™ is a patented palmitoyl tetrapeptide that induces the growth of pro-pigment in the hair follicle, while also growing melanin, causing hair to regrow pigment, promoting melanin production, and generating a reduction in oxidative stress by increasing the performance and activity of peroxidase, thereby reducing the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide to maintain full pigment color

It is an extremely valuable ingredient in pharmaceuticals and health food, and is also a scarce raw material in the world at present. It is effective in enhancing the repair and self defense and restoration power, as Douglas fir has a special molecular structure of five phenolic hydroxyl groups, so it is the best natural strong antioxidant found in the world so far, which can effectively remove the bad factors in the body and inhibit the invasion of bad cells, as well as improve the repair, activation and regulation effects.

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出現第一根白髮開始要趁早保養,逆轉老化 毛髮會逐漸凋零變白,從烏黑亮麗變為白髮蒼蒼




Restoration and Nutrition
Gradual progress
multiplies the effectiveness of the treatment.

Phase OneRestoration

Prevent hair loss Grow new hair

We strongly recommend the use of SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution (Genetic factors) or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray (Physiological factors).
Restoration stage: activates dormant hair follicles to prevent hair loss and regenerate new hair.

  1. Use SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution (Genetic factors) or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray (Physiological factors) with massage twice a day and it will stop hair loss within 1-2 months; while the growth of new hair needs to last about 3-4 months to be thicker hair and increased volume.
  2. In about 2-3 months, the new hairs will have a noticeable high volume , then you can enter the second phase of hair treatment./li>

Phase TwoNutrition

Hair root growth Strong and mature

Nutrition Stage: accelerates the maturation of the new hair and restore thick, coarse, permanent hair.

  1. Initial Stage(Active Treatment): use SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray twice a day to prevent hair loss, wait 3 minutes for the product to be absorbed, then spray with VOLUMIZING Hair Spray to make the roots grow thicker and stronger.
  2. Stabilization Phase(Daily Care): use SERENOA Hairgrowth Solution or DETOXIFANT Hair Refresher Spray during the day to prevent hair loss, and then spray a VOLUMIZING Hair Spray at night to make the roots grow thicker and stronger.


Follimin Hair Growth System

  • 1.Restoration

    everyday in1-3months

    Find the reason for the hair loss

    Improve scalp health

    Activate hair follicle growth signals

  • 2.Nutrition

    everyday in3-6months

    Prothect new grown hair

    Keep a healthy scalp

    Supplement hair nutrients to make hair strong

  • 3.Nutrition

    once every2-3days in6-9months

    Continue to have the right

    hair care habits

    keep the healthy lifestyle

    Make hair to grow thicker and stronger

**You can judge from the density and thickness of the hair to determine the beginning of the maintenance period and usage.
It usually takes about 5-6 months to revitalize the hair and strengthen the roots, so hair care must be continued with patience. **









不要再數每天掉幾根頭髮了,書田診所皮膚科劉紹毅醫師提醒新型態的掉髮「髮根枯竭」 ,這種「禿頭」來得不知不覺,頭髮似乎沒有掉,只是越來越細越來越細,最後再也長不出 ……………….



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