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Follimin Camellia Oil Essence

Camellia Oil Essence 150ml


Lightweight and moisturizing texture Smooths and moisturizes hair to prevent frizz, split ends and dryness


Japanese camellia oil (Oshima Tsubaki), Moroccan fruit oil, Bacopa monniera (Amazonian kernel oil), vitamin E, methylsiloxane, organic silica


Hair that is dry, frizzy, parted, shapeless or lacking in nutrients


Suitable for daily use, doubling the effect

Three precious botanical oils to smooth and moisturize hair
Repair sensitive and damaged scalp, can be used daily
Strengthen the hair scales to make hair darker and shinier

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Product description

Enriched with three precious natural hair care oils (Camellia oil, Moroccan fruit oil, palm oil) to moisturize hair and scalp

Enriched with three precious natural hair care oils (Camellia oil, Moroccan fruit oil, palm oil) to moisturize hair and scalp

Improves scalp and hair dryness from scalp, roots to ends, keeping hair light and smooth

Moisturizes and repairs damaged hair with deep moisturization and hydration, leaving hair moisturized and smooth with a shiny feel

Main ingredients

  • Japanese Camellia Oil (Oshima Tsubaki Flower)
  • Japanese Camellia Oil (Oshima Tsubaki Flower)
  • Methyl siloxane
  • Moroccan fruit oil
  • Vitality E
  • Organic Silicon

How to use

1.With the hair Liming shampoo series, after shampooing can be used dry, wet 2, daily maintenance effect is better

2.After shampooing or when hair is dry and rough, take an appropriate amount of hair oil and push it out on the palm, apply it evenly to the hair and smooth the ends

3.When scalp is dry and itchy, rub a small amount on your fingertips to maintain your scalp



Animals with hair will “naturally secrete" oil, oil composition can protect the skin, smooth and moisturize the hair, additional supplementation of high-quality non-oxidizable plant hair oil, can make the scalp oil composition stable, to avoid the growth of bacteria or fungus, improve the scalp greasy inflammation hair loss, to maintain a healthy scalp oil balance


A regular lifestyle and exercise, a diet rich in vitamins B2, B6 and C, and a diet low in calories, spicy and sweet foods all contribute to a healthy and stable scalp

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